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How would my child be affected?

Q – How would my child be affected socially and academically if s/he is labeled as having a learning disability?

A – In reality, most parents do not want to admit that their child has a learning disability. This can be for many reasons, such as, diagnosis may be for life, stigmatism, subject the child to discrimination and/or humiliation, to name a few. However, it is selfish of parents to deny the child an opportunity to receive services and accommodations to excel academically for those reasons. Parents should understand the positive advantages of the learning disabled label.


Academically, one of the positive aspects is that the student will receive extra learning support. Your child will have an individualized education plan in place that will allow him/her to receive accommodations and specially designed instructions to help his/her their learning. S/he will be eligible to receive more time when taking exams and frequent repetition of instructions. For example, if your child is found to have a learning disability in reading, then the instruction given to the student can be specifically geared at a suitable reading level.

Socially, children are more accepting of atypical behavior of a peer with a learning disability than they would be of a child without a disability who displayed similar behavior. This can be done through teachers or counselors at school by educating other students and helping other students understand. Further, if the student understands his/her disability, it will help the child in improving his/her self-esteem as they learn that they are not abnormal or slow, but that they just need special tools to learn and socialize.

Parents have to understand that there is a need to identify and diagnose their child if they suspect any learning disability. By doing so it will give the student the educational and emotional tools they need to succeed.

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