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Q – Is my child just lazy or does s/he have a learning disability? How can I tell the difference?

A – Most children are lazy and unmotivated. Let's face it. When we were children ourselves, we did everything and anything to avoid homework. And it wasn't because we didn't know how to complete an assignment, but because we wanted to watch TV, talk on the phone or play video games. However, children with unidentified learning disabilities may avoid schoolwork not because they're lazy, but because they don't understand and know how to complete the assignment.


While each individual is different in retaining information, there are some common behaviors that indicate the student is struggling with their schoolwork. Such behaviors are – class disruption, inattention, poor performance and/or working too hard or too long on schoolwork.

Parents who come see me usually mention that when sitting with their child to do their homework, they can see the child getting frustrated, inattentive and taking a very long time finishing the work. More importantly, the child is working very hard but can't move along with the work.

If your child is exhibiting similar behaviors, I highly recommend that you talk to his/her teacher and try to get the child assessed for special education. As a special education attorney, I can help you in the process. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for our children.

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