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Q – My child has already been assessed for special education and was found eligible. An IEP meeting was scheduled and s/he is now receiving services. Do I have to go through this process every year?

A – The administrative system requires that a school district convene for an IEP meeting at least once a year to assess the student's needs. This is to ensure that the student is meeting his/her goals and making progress. If the child's needs have changed during the year, the recommended programs and supports may become different. Therefore, a parent will need to be active year after year to participate in every meetings, consider recommendations and determine what is appropriate for the child.


That is not to say that the process will be exactly the same every year. Some years may be easier than the years before, and sometimes the process will get progressively more difficult, depending on the particular circumstances of your case. As a special education attorney, I can assist parents navigate each IEP meeting to ensure that the student continue to receive adequate services and/or accommodations.

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