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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights Drive Your Competitive Advantage

Your ideas give your business its competitive edge. Whether you have created a cutting-edge product, process or brand identity, losing your exclusive rights could risk your position in the market.

The Ryu Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that you alone benefit from your innovative work. The firm’s lead attorney, Francis Ryu, works closely with his business and entrepreneurial clients throughout California. He seeks to thoroughly understand individual assets and build effective, long-lasting legal protection around them.

Thorough Methods For Intellectual Property Protection

The firm’s approach to protecting your intellectual property is three-fold, including:

  • Establishing ownership: Ryu can help formalize ownership of designs, products and other assets through patents, trademarks and more. He can also work to negotiate licensing agreements with third parties.
  • Protecting exclusivity: Establishing your intellectual property is not enough to keep it secure. As you operate your business, Mr. Ryu can help you take steps to maximize secrecy and assess potential threats to the uniqueness of your ideas across the market.
  • Enforcing your rights: When the firm identifies a threat, Mr. Ryu can help you take the appropriate actions to discourage misappropriation, piracy and other forms of intellectual property theft. Possible methods include cease and desist letters, restraining orders, enforcement of noncompete agreements and intellectual property litigation when necessary.

Not all forms of intellectual property require formal registration. Trade secrets, for example, need a comprehensive strategy to secure the information over time. Mr. Ryu will work directly with you to identify all assets that warrant protection as well as the right steps forward.

Attentive To The Unique Elements Of Your Business

Located in Los Angeles, the firm has experience with intellectual property across several industries, such as:

  • Digital media, technology and software development
  • Garment manufacturing and apparel retail
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Restaurants and hospitality

Every type of intellectual property is critically important to a business. Therefore, Mr. Ryu takes ample time to learn the details of your business and its unique assets. Gaining this deep knowledge enables him to advocate for the distinctiveness of each asset.

Create A Plan Today

Intellectual property protection is about more than registering trademarks and filing patents; it is an ongoing strategy throughout the life of your business. Place your trust in the experience and resources of the Ryu Law Firm. Call (323) 486-0622 or email the firm to begin a conversation.